Zakat, Fidyah and Sadaqah

The third pillar of Islam is zakat, which is characterised by being a worshipful act performed for the benefit of society for the sake of Allah (swt). Allah (swt) grants us material wealth and at the same time obliges us to share it with others.

What is zakat?

Zakat: Unlike charity, it is obligatory (under certain conditions) on every Muslim who has the "Nisab amount" of wealth, which is the wealth limit in the religion.

What is sadaqah al-fitr?

The sadaqah al-fitr, popularly known as fitrah, is a sadaqah given during the month of Ramadan by Muslims who are religiously wealthy in gratitude for the creation of man, the attainment of the month of Ramadan shari'ah and the blessings that are upon us.

What is the fidyah atonement?

Fidyah is the price paid to free a person from a predicament. As a religious term, it refers to the financial price given due to the inability (e.g. illness) to perform certain acts of worship.

How much is the fidyah?

A fidyah is the amount of food that can feed a person for a day, or the price of it. This is the same amount as the Sadaqah al-fitr. This is the minimum amount of fidyah. It is better for those who have the means to give more.

The BE AID Association contributes to solidarity by distributing zakat, sadaqah, fitrah and fidyah to needy people around the world throughout the year.

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