Poor children and orphans support project

Millions of orphan children around the world are a social entrusted to all humanity.

Our BE AID international charity has initiated the "Orphan support project" for the oppressed geographies around the world in order to protect this social trust, making sad faces laugh, and supporting them in these difficult times of loneliness and  help them look at life with a little hope.

What is the orphan support projects?

While struggling with many difficulties in geographies where war, drought and poverty prevail at a young age, losing their most valuable assets (their parents) at a time, millions of orphans who have been left alone and alone in life will make them forget their loneliness with your donations and supports, a compassion and to be a hand of mercy.

How can I help you?

You can contribute to this moral responsibility by choosing one of the different assistance options created within our BE AID association.

Orphan Sponsorship

In 2020 we launched the "Orphan Sponsorship" program by expanding the scope of the rest of the family caregiver supervision this year, we aim to reach a much larger number of orphans.

You can also have an orphan with a monthly donation of 35 €.

In addition to each monthly donation you make, our BE AID association will also contribute with a 25 € aid package from food donations, and a total of 60 € will be delivered to the foster family each month.

Orphan children will be offered tangible benefits:

  • Month to month as the exchange Education, Health and clothing needs

  • Monthly regular Food / Provision and Hygiene Packages

  • Monthly regular pocket money

if you want to adopt an orphan child, you can send your application to fill out the registration form here.

Register for BE AID Orphan Sponsorship

Education and Orphans Fund

The Education and Orphans Fund is a common charity fund established within BE AID for your charitable donations.

You can donate to this fund with an amount you specify and share in the joy of many poor children.

Your donations to the Education and Orphan Fund will be used for all kinds of needs of poor children, especially orphans.

Donation for Education and Orphans Fund

Orphan Eid Clothes

Eid is expecially very enjoable and fun days for children.On such special occasions, our BE AID association also strives to relieve the sadness in the hearts and to create a smile and joy on the faces with the Eid gifts it distributes to orphans.

You can be the joy of a poor child on these special days with your Orphan EID clothes donations.

Donation for Orphan Eid Clothes

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