Orphan Aid Fund

When you donate, for the BE AID-managed Orphan Aid Fund, you become complicit in the transformation of these sad faces into radiant happy faces of all these innocent orphans.

From an early age, lose your most valuable possessions such as father, mother in an instant and struggle with hunger and poverty at an early age. Isolated, left alone and lonely in life. Becoming an orphan is powerlessness, no one who wants to take care of you, missing a family member, growing up without compassion from father and mother, heart always broken and sad.

Millions of orphans around the world have been entrusted to all mankind socially.

Our international aid organization BE AID brought into existence the "Orphan Aid Fund" to take care of this societal legacy, to protect it, to make sad innocent faces radiant again and to contribute to a hopeful return to life together with them. look into these difficult times of loneliness.

Donations and relief actions for the orphan as part of the project
  • Education is regulated and religious education is encouraged
  • School and educational needs are taken care of
  • The needs of clothing (summer and winter clothing) are taken care of
  • Fun on holidays is arranged (toys, excursions, entertainment, etc.).

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