A Qurban brings us closer together and teaches us to share with each other

Our BE AID organization, perform the slaughter with authority given by you, with the expertise and dedication of our volunteers, who act in the knowledge of the taken responsibility and obligation to slaughter the sacrificial animals according to Islamic procedures.

With its representatives active in ten European countries, the BE AID organization is massacred by proxy in many different places around the world and this gives a smile to the face of many people in need and we are responsible for their ghayr and for their sincere blessings.

According to Islamic regulations

The slaughter of a sacrificial animal is not just a slaughter. It is also a form of worship in which sex, age, health and power of attorney are prescribed by religion.

Our staff on the spot, who have the necessary religious knowledge and training and are supervised and supervised by our imams, Act with the greatest care in carrying out the slaughter so that it also complies with Islamic regulations.

With the selection of a healthy, perfect and without physical defects, every phase of the slaughter and distribution process has been carried out in accordance with Islamic regulations, And no organ of the sacrificed animal is wasted and profited to the maximum.

If you also want to get closer to the different needs of this world through the BE AID organization and want to share the experience of through your donations this blissful joy, contact us for the slaughter of sacrificial animals by proxy DONATE NOW.

In case of need, I agree to have my sacrifice slaughtered in the earthquake zone in Turkey. If there is an increase in the price of the sacrifice in Turkey, it will be paid from the Disaster Fund Account.

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