Help by natural disaster and emergency

Natural disasters are unforeseen, painful events that confront humanity with helpless and hopeless situations in no time. They cause great destruction, loss of property and lives. Situations that can hit us hard at any time in your life and put us in a hopeless situation. Life consists of snapshots. One moment you enjoy your beautiful familiar life and at once it turns into a nightmare and you have become a victim of such a terrible disaster. A heavy rainstorm can change the fate of thousands of people, a short earthquake can instantly knock countless people homeless.

These kinds of disasters that cannot be prevented are not far from us.

Our job is to be prepared for potentially major disasters and to lend a helping hand to those affected, regardless of their language, religion or race.

Emergency Disaster Funds

Our BE AID organization is always on standby to provide immediate help, with its own managed Emergency Disaster Fund, for natural disasters that can occur in any region of the world.

The most important thing in major disasters is to be able to act quickly, intervene in the initial phase of the disaster and provide the necessary support there and at that moment, especially when chaos and unrest prevail.

At the scene of the accident, medical care and equipment, clean drinking water, shelter and heating facilities and food are the most urgent needs.

You can donate your donations and gifts to the emergency disaster fund by filling in the donation form by clicking on the button / hyperlink DONATE NOW.

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