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Internationale Entwicklungssprojekte

Internationale Entwicklungssprojekte
International Development Projects

Be AID charity continues to stand with the victims and the oppressed in different geographies of the world with its international "Humanitarian Activities" and "Development Projects".

While trying to heal the wounds of the needy with Water Well projects, Orphan aid, Emergency Disaster Fund support, we also strive to bring joy to the oppressed with Ration and Food aid, Education Support Programs and iftar tables established in Ramadan-i Sharif.

We deliver your religious donations such as Sacrifice, Zakat, Alms, Fitre and Ransom to the oppressed who are waiting on the road, and we make hearts and build bridges of friendship.

Within the scope of the Orphan Sponsorship Project, you can become the patron of an orphan with your regular monthly donations, or you can bring together the underdogs who long for water with a water well that you will open in the geographies where a drop of water is life.

BE AID was founded by the underdog geography carried out within our association

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