Water well

Our Water well projects

In many regions of the world, especially in the dry areas such’s Africa, wars, deaths, hunger and many diseases are a major cause of need for usable drinking water. 

With our BE AID organization we started the water well project. This is a concerted effort to achieve as many needy as possible and to realize the source of life for people who are fighting daily for hunger and drought in different parts of the world.

Where can we have wells drilling?

In several African countries and in other countries where there is a need, such as Bangladesh (Arakan) and Afghanistan, we have drilling wells and with each well, on average, between 2,500 - 5,000 people were supplied with drinking water.

How can I drilling a well?
  1. You can either have a well drilling from your own name or from the name of a deceased related person and be responsible for hundreds of needy people who will benefit from it. ’s you bear the full costs, you also have the right to determine the name of the source (also with businessmen, colleagues, Associations or family members can jointly be in the name of …. To realize the drilling of a well).
  2. Or you can participate in the Pool system as part of our organizational activities and donate an amount of your choice (once the amount of donations received is sufficient to cover the cost of a well, a well is being drilled at a previously determined location and you will be a participant in this charity act).
What are the costs?

There are some external factors that affect the cost of a well.

  • The location and region where the water well is being drilled?
  • The depth at which water is found?
  • Whether water is found at the first bore or not?

produce a precise estimate of costs almost impossible beforehand. However, based on previous projects, the costs can be estimated at an average of about 3,000 euros.

Purity and health of the well water

The water that is reached as a result of the work carried out is sent to the competent authorities of that country, necessary laboratory analyzes etc. are carried out, after obtaining the approval for pure, healthy and potable water, the commissioning is presented.

Maintenance of the well

The location of the well to be drilled is pre-determined by our “need research team" there. This team also concludes the contracts and protocols with the companies that will carry out the drilling.

The necessary surface studies (pooling, concrete etc.) are carried out by the company after the Authorities give clean and drinkable approval for the extracted water, and the maintenance, control and inspection of the well is carried out by the relevant company for 5 years.

After 5 years, maintenance and inspection of the well is transferred to the villagers. During this time the villagers themselves have gained sufficient experience with maintenance and repair.

How long is the life of the well?

The main questions here are to what extent the water meets demand and how long the well can be used.

Maintenance work on the ground surface such as on the concrete surface or pump or on the pump in the pit can be carried out at any time (they are relatively inexpensive) and are covered by the company's five-year warranty.

The equipment under the surface of the earth has a life of about 50 years and in some cases the well will remain longer as long as the water does not dry up due to an extraordinary drought or other unpredictable event.

When can the water well open?

The opening time of the well depends on several factors.

It can take up to 6 months when it is calculated in those waiting in line to open the water well as well as determining the appropriate point, the contract with the company, how fast the usable water can be reached.

How can I donate?

You can donate your gifts for the project by filling out the donation form by clicking on the button/hyperlink DONATE NOW.

Please note that the contact details on the donation form are filled out correctly. We will contact you about this information and we will send you the necessary documentation in the form of a photo, video and certificate.

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