About us

Who are we?

BE AID is a global and European aid organization, active in helping needy people in need, supporting victims and people in need and alleviating their burdens in difficult times.

Our organization has its headquarters in Germany and is conducting ancillary activities with its branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and its representatives throughout Europe.

BE AID aims to develop social projects in areas such as, Family and Youth, combating social exclusion, homeless people and the elderly, which are known as priority issues in the geography in which we live, and that contribute\social responsibility through applicable social assistance programs.

At the same time, it is not to be insensitive to events around the world and to connect the hearts between you as a giver of charity and victims in oppressed countries.

What is our purpose?

Day and night, all over the world, we must serve humanity, realize that serving is a blessing, to be the herald and protector of the sad and ashamed hearts that are open to abuse, who need support and help worldwide, to support social justice and brotherhood, and to disseminate charity.

What do we wish to achieve?

To help those who are helpless, homeless and needy …, and are in the grip of epidemic diseases, natural disasters or other reasons throughout the world.

To support those who have lost the opportunity to receive education, or who cannot provide themselves with their livelihood, to help them regain their lives with different vocational and skill courses, depending on the age-related need to provide their education.

To reach the poor, victims or orphans in the negative course of life, to support them and to support their needs.

Being ready as a friend and trusted by those suffering from serious illness are in desperate situation. We are on duty and help with their medical treatment. People who, from birth, have a disability or any other reason, help, support and supervise them so that they can participate in society in a peaceful and equal way.

In short, it is our goal and our aim, wherever in the world, find and care for the sad and broken hearts.

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